Topographical Surveys

Are you looking for a team experienced in creating topographical surveys? We can provide you with a representation of a land area that accurately shows all its features in three dimensions. This includes natural features as well as manmade or built features.

Our Expertise

  • Commercial and residential projects
  • High-rise and multi-storey buildings
  • Set-out services – precast concrete structures, piling, mechanical, façade, structural, civil construction, interior, building set-outs, etc
  • Structural site surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • As built surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Sediment control
  • Management and monitoring
  • Machine control management and monitoring
  • Complex volume calculations

Monitoring Surveys in Auckland

With our monitoring surveys in Auckland, we can monitor any structure or building that you suspect is moving or that you have concerns could start to move. We will accurately monitor the structure, feature, or building, reporting on any quantifiable movement.

You can also use our monitoring surveys service to detect the deformation or deflection of a structure.

Sediment Control in Auckland

Our sediment control services in Auckland involve helping you plan actions that will prevent the eroded soil on your site from washing off, particularly where there is a risk of causing pollution to a nearby body of water.

Complex Volume Calculations

We can provide you with complex volume calculations to accurately calculate the volume of a material in an area to ensure it matches your expectations.

Machine Control Management in Auckland

Our machine control management services are available across Auckland. We will use the latest technology to control the earthworks machines operating on your site. Our priority will be to improve the accuracy of the machine’s work while also ensuring the safety of workers operating, and in close proximity to, the machinery.

The work on-site will also be completed more efficiently, improving the productivity of both workers and the machines they are operating. This will save you time and money.

Drainage As-Builts

At Precision Site Solutions, we can provide you with a drainage as-built plan that shows the location and depth of drains on your property. This applies to both sewerage and stormwater drains, and typically includes showing where the drains connect to the main lines.

Whether you have a blockage you need to locate, you are planning renovation work, or for any other reason, a drainage as-built plan will give you the information you need.

What You Can Expect from Precision Site Solutions

While our company is young, our team has extensive experience in the surveying industry. We work with a range of different clients and have built up excellent relationships with our customers over the years. These relationships are based on trust in our service, the quality of our surveys, and the accuracy of our results. You can also expect excellent customer service as well as a flexible approach to the delivery of our surveying services.

We keep our prices competitive too. Call us today on 022 477 2341 to get a free, no-obligation quote.